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1.5” Sailor moon clear charms now available!


Sailor moon charms are finally here! Ill be drawing the winners from my giveaway soon and ill probably hold another one soon. If you buy the whole set you get a extra random charm. Once these are all gone i wont be making anymore!


so moon crisis is over, and it was an amazing success! i’m so proud i was able to be a part of it; seeing so many different interpretations of sailor moon and knowing everyone else there grew up loving the series at the same time i did was an incredible experience. thank you very much to everyone who supported the show, both in person and online!!

here’s the full image post for my “tantibus” piece, which i started almost a year ago (!) and took 4 months to finish. LOTS of you have been asking for prints online, so i’ve finally set it up at both society6 and redbubble. i’ll have signed prints available at AWA later this month, and in my storenvy sometime in october

Usagi Sailor Moon - Link Select